Lodge 1088 - S. St. Paul
Chapter 588
5927 Concord Blvd.
Inver Grove Hts, MN  55076
100th Birthday Party
for Lucille Lyons
October 4th, 2015
Lucille joined the South St. Paul Chapter 588 on December 4, 1962. Her sponsor
was Evelyn Sirbasku who had asked her to join so Evelyn could have one more
enrollee to help get the Award of Achievement. She earned her Academy of
Friendship on May 2, 1965 in Duluth, MN. She earned her College of Regent on
June 29, 1969 in Chicago, IL. And she earned her Star Recorder on June 27, 1972
in Moosehaven, FL (in the rain). She was also Chaplain on the Ritual Team which
won many awards around the State as well as at the International Level. She held
many Chairmen positions at the Chapter level but the one she really enjoyed was as
Star Recorder doing the Poinsettia Fundraiser in the fall and the Geranium
Fundraiser in the spring. When Lucille would do her meeting nights, it was done
with flair. She always had an elegant lace tablecloth, sometimes candles and most
times her favorite Strawberry Spinach Salad. She brought this salad to funeral
lunches at which she helped serve as strawberries are her favorite.

Lucille often wears purple as it is her favorite color. Lucille became a Lifetime
member on December 4, 2012 by paying her dues each year. At about the same
time she was honored as a fifty year member of the Moose Mixed Doubles Bowling
League. Every so often when she would miss a few pins you could hear her say
“Cheese and Crackers”, which was interpreted as her way of cussing. To the best of
anyone’s knowledge this was the worst language out of her mouth. Oh My! Now for
a little bit about our Moose Sister Lou and her experiences over the last 100 years.

Lucille Ann Schoenberg, daughter of Frances and Joseph Schoenberg was born on
October 1, 1915. She was born during high water and was raised in a home on
River Road, now Water Street, in St. Paul, MN with her 2 sisters and 2 brothers.
She attended St. Matthew School through the seventh grade and had to climb the
“green stairs” to get up the hill every school day. Lucille attended 8th grade at
Humboldt but was pulled from school by her father as he did not feel it was
necessary for girls to complete school. Lucille stayed home to help with her
siblings, take care of the chickens, rabbits, cats and dogs, and help her mother
around the house. Her father worked as a brick maker at win City Brickyard for 23
cents/hour and her mother was a full time homemaker.

When Lucille was at St. Matthew she was a catcher in the Kitten Ball League. This
ended when the Nuns thought it “unladylike” and objected to her squatting down
in her black bloomers. Lucille was also an accomplished horsewoman. Her uncle
had a stable down the road and she rode as often as possible. If she wasn’t riding
she was running or playing in the mud and often would go down to the river to
wash off. She remembers one time that she went in and her skirt held her
afloat as floated down the river. In the winter she enjoyed ice skating and would
enjoying doing it now. Lucille mastered the violin while her sisters played piano
and her brother played the saxophone. Lucille also enjoyed the cutter races held on
the river.

The introduction of the telephone was of interest – she has known the crank style,
party lines, rotary phones and the push button phone which she still uses. An
interesting story was her having to go tell a neighbor to get off the phone so it
could be used (no cell phone for her!). When the neighbor would not let others use
the phone, she contacted the phone company. The company monitored the lines
and his privilege of having a telephone was removed!!

Lucille worked at cleaning houses and as a stitch operator at National Checking. At
National Checking she would loop wires up through the binding of 100 pages and
complete 100 books a day. She did this job for 25 years, retiring at 65. She has
never been known to be dressed in anything but skirts, dressy tops, hosiery, heels
and have her hair well coiffed. After retirement she did volunteer work at the Veter-
an Administration in Minneapolis, working for three physicians as a file clerk for
23 years. When records were computerized, she volunteered as a coffee server and
was soon asked to be greeter at the door which she has done to this day. Lucille has
logged more than 11,400 volunteer hours for which she re-ceived a plaque as a

While working at National Checking, she found time to go on a blind date and met
Gerald Lyons. He swept her off her feet, dancing into her heart and life. They
married in 1938 and spent the next 46 years raising two boys, Rodney and Greg,
and a daughter Pat. Pat passed away at 60 from cancer. Gerald was a machinist and
a Moose member who was a Ritualist. One reason Lucille participated on the
Ladies Ritual Team. Gerald passed away in 1984 from cancer and a coronary.

Lucille has lived in her current home in South St. Paul since 1953 raising her
family. She currently lives with her son Greg (Skip). He tells us that when they
moved in he remembers the area was still mostly farm land. Her other son Rodney
and his wife live a block away. Lucille’s hobbies were doing embroidery, bowling
and dancing. She currently has 13 Grandchildren; 17 Great Grandchildren and 7
Great, Great Grandchildren. Lucille is also active in the Singles Club at her church,
Inver Grove Heights Assembly of God where they will host a celebration for her on
Saturday, October 3rd. Come join us at the South St Paul Moose Lodge on
Sunday, October 4, 2 pm to 4 pm where we will celebrate with a potluck luncheon.